Clean-room Industry System Solution ProviderLab System / Electronics / Medicine / Food industry Clean-room engineering design, construction, maintenance integrated solution and ultra clean products research, production, sales integration services

Since Selen Science & Technology established in 2002, it has concentrated on clean room engineering and super clean products industry. As a comprehensive industry service provider for clean room industry, it offers an integration of world leading clean room engineering design, purchasing, construction, maintenance, super clean products’ R&D, manufacturing and marketing. 16 years’ professional experiences and constant innovation of design concept as well as perfect service network have endowed Selen Science & Technology with most of the customers’ recognition and trusts. Selen Science & Technology has served more than 4000 corporate clients.


Main products and services:clean room engineering of electronics /medicine/food industry, laboratory system project, clean room super clean products and super cleaning.


Clean-room Purification Engineering

Selen has completed hundreds of international ultra-clean room construction projects,  the highest level has reached the international advanced level 1 standard. Selen has accumulated rich experience in design and construction in the fields of consumer electronics, photoelectric display, new energy, food industry (dairy products, liquid milk, fruit juice, candy, sterile products, meat processing, brewery health food and pharmaceutical industry (raw materials), solid preparation, sterile preparation, extraction of Chinese traditional medicine, biological products, transfusion, injection) and other major areas. We committed to provide professional service for customers, create enterprise safety, energy saving, healthy, comfortable and clean production environment. And to help the pharmaceutical, food industry customers to pass the GMP or EU CGMP Test at  one-time.


Electronics industry clients: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS(China) , FOXCONN, BYD, Haier, Hisense, TCL, Shennan Circuits, LAIBAO HI-TECH, HC SemiTek, Lens Technology,TPK,Yingli,JINYA ELECTRONICS, BBK and other companies of semiconductor, microelectronics, integrated circuit, LCD, LED, touch screen, precision manufacturing, PCB, lithium battery, new energy, new material.


Pharmaceutical/food industry clients: Mindray, CSPC, KPC, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, Jointown Pharmaceutical Group, Huasun group, RONGCHANG PHARMACEUTICAL, HUAREN PHARMACEUTICAL,Lunan Pharmaceutical Group, NEPTUNUS, ZHIJUN, Bai Yun Mountain Pharmaceutical, Shijiangzhuang NO.4 Pharmaceutical, HSU FU CHI, ZHOUHEIYA and other enterprises


Lab System Engineering

China Laboratory System Engineering integrated solution provider Professional laboratory turnkey engineering service provider

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Selen, Shanghai Han Guang mainly engages to design, research , and produce the modern laboratory furniture and construction for ancillary facilities. Hanguang is a leading provider in China of integrated solutions for laboratory system project, a professional laboratory turnkey supplier. European 2nd largest laboratory furniture and equipment manufacturer----Wasseman in Germany, has authorized Hanguang as the the exclusive sales agency in Asia Pacific region. Huangguang is also a member company of the United States scientific laboratory equipment and furniture International Association (SEFA).

Service clients and fields: including SINOPEC, CNOOC, CNNC, CGN, QNPC, BASF, Roche, Novartis, BAYER, P&G, Unilever, L'ORéAL, Pepsi, NU SKIN, Nestlé, Mead Johnson, Wrigley(China), National Institutes for Food and Drug Control and petrifaction, pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical industry famous enterprises and government research institutes.

Shanghai Hanguang>>

Ultra-clean Products and Cleaning Services

We provide sustainable services for professional clean room, including two series products, such as clean room body equipment (clean clothes / shoes, hat etc.) and consumables (clean wiper/ paper, packaging materials, dust masks, hand / finger clean, clean office consumables etc.) which named by "SELEN", "新纶", "Vclean", three famous brands., Selen provides customers with fast  and efficient personal service, which ultra clean grade could achieve up to 10 class.



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